Socks - Athletic Socks

A-Extra Wide Athletic Crew Socks (1 pr.)
B-Extra Wide Qtr. Sock - King (1 pr)
B-Extra Wide Qtr. Sock-Regular (1 pr.)
C-Extra Wide Athletic Crew Sock - Size 16-21 Shoe Size (1 pr.)
D-Extra Wide Athletic Qtr. Sock - Size 16-21 Shoe Size (1pr.)
E-"Loose Fit - Stays Up" Qtr. Socks (1 pr.)
E-"Loose Fit - Stays Up" Socks Crew   (1 pr.)
E-Loose Fit - Stays Up" Socks Merino Wool (1 pr.)
Extra Wide Medical Crew Sock (1 pr.)

For more than 60 years, Martins Big & Tall, our family-owned business has specialized in the best clothing and accessories for the big and tall man. Unlike other men’s stores, we only stock items for big, tall and hard to fit men.

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